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Markagenc builds customer-centric and feature-rich ecommerce solutions for every business model, helping our clients establish a strong digital presence, better engage with customers, and generate more conversions.

We build responsive online stores and equip them with the best-fitting features based on your business specifics and customers’ needs to help you better engage with your audience and grow your business.

This E-commerce website online platform covers the design, building, and launch of an ecommerce website. It includes building both the solution’s frontend like product pages, a shopping cart, checkout forms, and support pages, and its backend infrastructure. Transition creates feature-rich ecommerce solutions for companies of any size and business model to help them reach target audiences and grow revenue.

your brand to sell products to customers online. Customers can frequently add items to their shopping carts and finish the purchase process online using a secure payment channel or Cash on Delivery.

Customers can reach beyond their immediate area. You can market your products to customers worldwide by using an online site.

It can boost the sales volume by making it simple for customers to make online purchases. In addition, it permits the sale of goods around the, allowing customers to purchase at any time.

Typically involves lower overhead costs businesses can save on rent, utilities, and other expenses to maintain a physical storefront.

It can provide customers with a more convenient and streamlined shopping experience. Customers can browse products, compare prices, and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

It also allows us to leverage digital marketing strategies to reach and engage customers. For example, promote products through social media, email marketing, and other online channels and drive traffic to their website.

Key E Commerce Integrations:

Our ecommerce development team integrates your solution with other relevant retail tools to create a unified infrastructure and enable full visibility and control over data and processes.

Key integrations

Payment gateways

Payment gateways

Accounting software

Shipping provider software

Shipping provider software

Payment gateways

ncorporating reliable payment gateways guarantees the secure and smooth handling of online transactions, providing customers with enhanced options and convenience while minimizing friction during the checkout process. Our capability allows seamless integration of your e-commerce store with gateways that support your customers’ preferred payment methods and the currency used in your target market.

Accounting software

We can integrate your online store with accounting tools to simplify and enhance e-commerce bookkeeping. This enables you to monitor cash flows, compute sales taxes, accept payments in various currencies, access detailed financial reports, and automate billing and payments for increased efficiency and accuracy.

Shipping provider software

By seamlessly integrating your ecommerce order management system with your carrier’s logistics solution, we can exercise complete control over your shipments. This integration empowers you to expedite order deliveries through functionalities such as route planning, parcel tracking, timely customer notifications regarding shipment status, and the automation of the return process.

Customer support solutions

By integrating customer service tools with your ecommerce platform, you can establish a ticketing system, consolidate inquiries from different channels, categorize complaints based on your workflows, develop knowledge bases, and provide prompt responses to customers through live chats. Additionally, our specialists can incorporate self-service features into your store, empowering users to independently resolve their issues.

Marketing and sales automation tools

We have the capability to integrate marketing automation tools into your online store, enabling the expansion of your marketing efforts through programmatic advertising, targeted customer segmentation based on behavior, email campaigns, loyalty programs, and multi-channel communication. Additionally, we can optimize your sales capabilities by automating tasks such as customer data management, scheduling, lead prioritization, and providing detailed reporting.

  • We Create Customized Websites to ensure your current and future need. In addition, the backend dashboard will be provided, and basic training to make changes in the content in the future.
  • The client will provide images, Videos, and initial content.
  • One e commerce Website must be consisting of Company or brand.
  • Project Delivery will be in 10 to 12 working days, with the initial training to make slide changes within the platform. If Urgent needed Extra Charges will be deducted
  • Basic Support related to the service will be provided six months from the Delivery date, including the revisions and delays by clients.
  • We will upload 40 Products. If more products are needed, Extra Charges will be included.
  • 100% of the amount must be paid in advance
  • Free Consultation Will be Provided to help grow your business

Ecommerce web development roadmap

1 Planning

Defining requirements for every element
of the future e-commerce solution
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers

2 Design

Hands-on prototyping, specification
review and technical
sketching, UI/UX design

Tech team:                      UX/UI design:

Architect                        Analyst
Tech lead                       UX/UI expert
Project manager         Graphic designer                                                         Project manager


3 Development

Coding, front-end and back-end
development, integration with other
systems and tools
  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • DevOps engineer
  • QA engineers

4 Acceptance testing

End-to-end acceptance testing
and expert supervision

  • Analyst
  • QA engineers
  • Project manager

5 Deployment

Deploying the final project,
post-release testing, and
corporate training

  • DevOps engineer
  • Architect
  • Tech lead
  • Analysts
  • Corporate trainers

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