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Welcome to Markagenc, where we transform businesses through the seamless integration of Bitrix 24 CRM, a powerful tool that brings efficiency, collaboration, and automation to the heart of your operations. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures a tailored implementation that aligns perfectly with your unique business needs.

Bitrix 24 CRM Customization and Integration

At Markagenc, we understand the importance of customization to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our experts will work closely with you to tailor Bitrix 24 CRM to match your brand identity and workflow. We integrate the CRM system seamlessly into your website, creating a unified platform for efficient data management and client interaction.

Autobots and Workflow Creation for Lead Management

Boost your lead management with automated processes and intelligent Autobots. We design and implement workflows tailored to your business model, ensuring that leads are efficiently managed from acquisition to conversion. Automate routine tasks, nurture leads effectively, and watch your sales pipeline flourish.

Third-Party Application Integration

Expand your reach by integrating Bitrix 24 CRM with third-party applications, such as Property Portals. Our team ensures a smooth connection between platforms, allowing you to manage leads and data seamlessly. Enhance your capabilities and streamline operations with our expert third-party application integration services.

Automation for Communication and Notification

Streamline communication both externally with clients and internally among your team. Our automation solutions ensure timely and targeted communication, keeping clients informed and teams synchronized. Receive notifications, track leads within workflows, and stay connected effortlessly within Bitrix 24 CRM.

Chatbots for Real-Time Interaction

Improve customer engagement with real-time interaction through Chatbots. We integrate intelligent chatbots into your CRM system, providing instant responses to customer queries and facilitating smoother communication. Enhance user experience and capture leads efficiently with our customized Chatbot solutions.

Social Channel Integration

Stay connected and engage with your audience across different social channels effortlessly. Our team will integrate Bitrix 24 CRM with various social media platforms, ensuring a centralized hub for managing customer interactions and insights. Enhance your social media presence and streamline communication with our seamless integration solutions.

Sales Pipeline Creation

Empower your sales team with a structured and efficient sales pipeline. We design and implement a customized pipeline within Bitrix 24 CRM, optimizing the sales process from lead generation to conversion. Maximize productivity and drive revenue with our tailored sales pipeline solutions.

Access Levels and Company Structure

Establish a secure and organized foundation within Bitrix 24 CRM by creating a company structure with assigned access levels. Our experts configure the system to match your organizational hierarchy, ensuring data security and efficient collaboration across departments.

CRM Form Creation

Capture leads effortlessly with custom CRM forms. We design and implement user-friendly forms within Bitrix 24 CRM, allowing you to gather valuable information and streamline the lead generation process. Customize forms to suit your branding and specific data requirements.

Transform your business with the power of Bitrix 24 CRM. At Digital Eminence, we go beyond implementation – we create a tailored CRM solution that aligns perfectly with your business objectives, optimizing efficiency and driving growth. Contact us today to embark on a journey of digital transformation.

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