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You can either download a http://replace.me/25619.txt of their superbeam windows app download or utilise the portable version we provided in the download button. For the latter, you also need to install Java. The best thing you will find in the SuperBeam app is that it would not budge you for manual approval after each file. You name it! WiFi QR Connect.

SuperBeam – Download for PC Free – About this app


SuperBeam Switches to hotspot mode automatically for devices that don’t support WiFi direct. Also, it can use existing WiFi network connection between devices in case WiFi direct fails. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available.

It used to be a pain for my wife and I to send each other large amounts of pics that we took of our son. Too large to email, and WiFi Direct natively wouldn’t work because it sends them by default to internal memory which didn’t have enough space. This has been a great tool to easily share pics and vids and it goes straight to the external SD and very fast!

Thanks for this app! This app is absolutely perfect and amazing at what it does! I’m only curious why you can’t get a faster transfer when connecting to devices using Wi-Fi Direct. I would assume that both devices could achieve the maximum speed of the slowest device and cut out the overhead of a router. This app works awesome! I used it to copy 64 gigs from the internal memory of my old phone to my new phone in one evening. I have an AC router.

So far so good. Our childhood was spent in those golden days when we would share funny clips with our pals through Bluetooth. Then infrared arrived and other sharing technologies that were even better and faster than Bluetooth. There was one drawback of using Bluetooth or similar services while file sharing. The issue was the slow transfer speed of data. It would take four to five minutes to send a file of 20 to 30MB.

What about the files that were bigger and needed a faster transfer than ever? Well, there is one application that can help you transfer your files with a beaming speed. SuperBeam 5. The SuperBeam for PC app is one of the most secure and convenient services to transfer large chunks of data from your source device to the destination.

We have seen data-sharing apps being tricky and clingy, but SuperBeam has made it super easy for users to connect their devices to the receiving one through QR code, NFC, or a manual sharing key to provide any hassle. The best thing you will find in the SuperBeam app is that it would not budge you for manual approval after each file.

On the contrary, it would allow automatic approvals for connections. Hence, you only have to connect with the app and start sending your data without waiting to approve each incoming file because no one has time for that. One of the most attractive factors about the SuperBeam app is its speed. If you have used Bluetooth transfer, then you know it transfers data in KBs while apps like SuperBeam can provide data transfer speed in Mbps.

It is all possible because this app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to share the files with the recipient. One remarkable thing about the SuperBeam app is that it does not necessarily ask you to download the app on the other side to receive the data.

As already discussed, the SuperBeam app is hassle-free when it comes to pairing the two devices.


Download SuperBeam for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – Get Beaming Internet Everywhere – replace.me – iPhone Screenshots


Super Beam is the easiest and fastest way to share large files between Android devices using WiFi direct. No more clicks and manual approvals for connections.

SuperBeam makes file sharing as super convenient and super fast as it should have been, because it is already! Well, this depends on many factors.

Our testing indicates that speeds between Mbps are optimal in most cases. Some users with high-end devices were able to reach even greater speeds at around 75 Mbps. Try turning off WiFi on both sender and receiver before starting SuperBeam.

This will force direct mode to kick in when you start sharing which will allow for much greater speeds. You can send unlimited number of files of any type and size, as long as the receiving device has enough space to store them. This applies to both the free and paid version of SuperBeam. All received files are stored by default in the internal storage under SuperBeam directory.

PRO version users get the option to change this to any other directory they prefer. SuperBeam uses the first available port from the following pool: , , , , , , , and If all of these ports were used, it will select a randomly available port instead. Does SuperBeam support carrier-locked on-contract devices?

Unfortunately, most carrier-locked devices have inherent limitations that block SuperBeam from starting the connection. These device can only receive files through SuperBeam, and send to other devices that are connected to the same WiFi network.

Turn off WiFi on the sending device before starting SuperBeam, then retry sharing. If you must have both devices connected to the same WiFi network, make sure that your network firewall allows connection to the ports indicated earlier.

Sure thing! Just contact us using the form below and provide your order number to get a full refund at any time. Facebook Twitter. Featured In. Super Beam makes sharing files and entire folders between Android devices a breeze. It uses WiFi direct technology or whatever WiFi connection available to transmit data at very high speeds. With Super Beam , you do not have to memorize passwords or search for other devices.

Transmitting files to and from your computer? Super Beam got you covered! Download the PC application right now, and enjoy super-easy file transfer. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux! Get SuperBeam. Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct Transfer unlimited number of files between Android devices Supports Android 2. Download from Google Play. PRO Version. Buy now on Google Play. Help me! The transfer rate is very slow, what can I do?

Is there any limitation on the number of files I can send? Where do the received files go? What should I do? Is that possible? Contact Us. Pumped about iOS!


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