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Welcome, Guest. Page: 1 2. New Topic Reply Topic. Last Edit: 8 years, 10 months ago by ConsoleEmu. Reply Quote. No worries. B issue with nVidia cards.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe I can enjoy Wild Arms 3 again without wearing out my real PS2’s laser which stays active even when running my games from the internal HD bay. I sure hope it downloaded by now. Your new machine is a beast! You’ll be able to play games at full speed comfortably. My MBP is showing its age for sure. I should let you know that only the ZeroGS graphics plugin is working at the moment. If you select “Import Settings” or whatever in the setup dialog, it will select that plugin for you to use.

I’m working on getting other plugins to work. If you can think of anything to make this easier to run or run better, let me know! SpeedofMac wrote: I sure hope it downloaded by now. Well I’ll be damned. I was just snooping around ConsoleEmu, got bummed that pcsx2 hasn’t been updated since ‘ Hopefully it’s easy to use. Last Edit: 8 years, 11 months ago by Thundar. Trying to install the bios scph Thundar wrote: Trying to install the bios scph The following user s said Thank You: Thundar.

I didn’t realise that the installer was broken. I’ll get that fixed up. I went through installing the bios through using the app itself. No problem, all installed Thundar wrote: I went through installing the bios through using the app itself. Did you follow the instructions in the readme file that was included in the package? You may need to set your plugins to the correct ones: 2. Install the PlayStation 2 bios.

Configure plugins. A window will pop up saying that plugin settings have been found. Click “Import”. In the next window, select your bios you installed in step 1. That’s it! Thundar wrote: got it working, I didn’t chose RUN to run the game This is an annoyance I have to deal with when using any Wineskin created app. It holds true even for the Solitaire app I made a wrapper for from Windows XP and the deck of cards doesn’t even have the options it should despite cards.

Unfortunately it isn’t going fullscreen properly, and Wild Arms 3 is unplayably slow with dialogues onscreen.

And being an RPG, those come up constantly, so, not playable. I’ll have to tinker with some options and see what I can do to fix it. But it really doesn’t look good right now. Edit: Aaaaaaaaaand it’s interlaced. And enabling the toggle and trying F5 has no effect. Last Edit: 8 years, 11 months ago by Squishy Tia. I gave up on it. It’s just so awesome seeing Mario Kart Double Dash on the computer.

How do you do all that? There are computer magicians out there that can make all these things you see. That answer was enough for him. Don’t lose hope yet! Using XQuartz instead of Wineskin’s built-in X11 makes the better graphics plugin usable in both software and hardware rendering modes.

This should solve a lot of headaches people had with the last bundle. I put together a new bundle today, which you can download here. I’ll update the original post, too.

I’ll give it a try Do they not allow such files? They’re much faster to get files from at least. Does the new build also solve the issues with interlacing?

It’s really bad in the build we already downloaded before. BTW, I know consoleemu. The big links on the respective pages for each emulator do not yet work. Easy workaround – I just figure it’s maybe a WIP? Now if I could just figure out a way to get rid of Wineskin’s annoying habit of launching its wrapper creation app instead of the app you opened with the keyboard or double clicked.

It does that for ALL Wineskin wrappered apps and it’s very frustrating. Last Edit: 8 years, 10 months ago by Squishy Tia. OK, this build won’t even run in fullscreen. I’m trying various options, but thus far, instant crash upon entering fullscreen.

Edit: Got fullscreen working. Seems that you have to redo ALL preferences for each build. I forgot that because these are Wine encapsulated builds that they store their preferences within the C: drive structure found in Windows, not in OS X specific preferences.

That said, the issue from the last build remain – interlacing is rampant and cannot be disabled, and there are slowdowns with dialogues or damage text in the game I’m attempting to play Wild Arms 3. Audio slows down as well. I do recommend installing the current version of XQuartz, which is at 2. Powered by Kunena. Time to create page: 0. It’s a pretty big download so it’s currently hosted at GameFront: you can download it here updated Jan 28, Right now, downloading and installing the Windows dependencies is a pain.

I’m looking into how to include them in the bundle without violating any distribution rules. Squishy Tia. Yeah, I read the Readme. I forgot to hook up my controller from my old Mac Pro so I’ll need to configure that before I can get past the langauge selection screen you get when you turn on the PS2 for the first time.

But since I own a legit PS2 still, that’s perfectly legal on my part. Here is my system build, if you are interested. It will install properly. Do not use the installer you see in the directory. Which BIOS are you using, and what game? It will not run US games. I’ve had brainfarts like that myself. You’d be amazed at how often people think “well, I’ve done the easy stuff so quit asking me!

I’m quite guilty of that myself. That’s why when something doesn’t work and I’m trying to get it going, I usually second and triple guess my actions so that I don’t accidentally forget something.

Doesn’t always work though.


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